Leyla Pillai


LEYLA PILLAI is an artist, writer and researcher, currently producing and presenting Who’s That Girl?, a radio-art show spanning seven years in residence on NTS radio. Who’s That Girl? is a question in flux, explored monthly in all her myriad voices through spectral soul soundscapes, artists’ aural portraits and metaphoric spoken voyages. Past shows include specials on Cosey Fanni Tutti and Regine Fetet, Imaginary Girl and S/He Got The Blues in Her/e. Connecting the spaces between sound and visual culture; an abyssal of the arcane, recondite and subtextuals form the basis for presenting experimental and explorative documentary. This summer Pillai was part of the residency ULTIMATE FANTASIES at Guest Projects, London, and played at Tate Modern as part of Tate Lates.


  • Well Projects

    I'm in the bath on all fours...


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