AMAKABA is a center for the arts of the earth, the body, and the sky, in service of afro-amazonian wisdoms. Through art, science and ancestral traditions, AMAKABA’s vision is to celebrate the wealth of knowledge, practices and stories of the amazonian forest of French Guiana.

With a particular focus on farming, womb wisdom, cosmology, and education AMAKABA offers a space of connection, experimentation and collaboration for intergenerational and intercultural transmission. AMAKABA’s cacao farm, medicinal plant garden, natural dye workshops, forest school, yoga courses, doula work, collective stargazing and community celebrations are invitations to deepen our intimacy to the forest, each other, ourselves, ancestors, spirits and life itself. As guardians of the cycles of the land, body, and cosmos, AMAKABA’s ambition is to contribute to a more conscious and responsible way of living and being, guided by the wisdom of the Amazonian Forest.



  • Tabita Rezaire

    Letters to a Young Farmer


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