Clementine Bedos


As a queer métisse (Haitian, Gitana, Kabyle, French) with a background in law, philosophy and fine arts, Clementine Bedos transdisciplinary practice is a process of excavation and unearthing, to transform contentiousness into a zone of interweaving.


Traversing through an inheritance of slaves, nomads, migrants, and colonists, to the story of my grandmother, the ‘outsider’ artist Jeanne Durand, with whom Clementine maintains a spiritual epistolary relationship, this process explores the body as a living archive, considering it a somatic theatre that is the site of ethical-political remapping. The relationship to histories is important to this, needing as such, to unsettle the past and re-animate the institutions that are embedded and that continue to resonate in the present. This heterogeneous legacy is the foundation of my current research project ‘Techno-Tantrik Embodiment’: to channel healing images through hybrid interventions, and like a shaman, circulate them through the social body. Through creolisation of ancestral and emerging embodied technologies, the intention is to facilitate self-determination and self-actualisation for members of the marginalised communities I belong to, a right that has historically been denied to us.

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