Elizabeth Magill


ELIZABETH MAGILL grew up in Northern Ireland and attended the Belfast College of Art to study painting as a Fine Arts Degree from 1979 to 1982. From 1982 to 1984 she attended the Slade College of Fine Arts and received her Masters of Arts in Painting. Described by critic Isobel Haribson as “epic, enigmatic and evocative”, Elizabeth Magill’s highly idiosyncratic paintings present subjective and psychological takes on the landscape genre. Rich with kaleidoscopic patterning and fragmented forms, these vistas are embedded in place – usually rural settings on the edges of settlements – but transported through the artist’s imagination, memories, photographs or moods to be presented as something other: lush, visionary recollections of hills, lakes, hedges and skies glowing with ambient light. The term ‘inscape’ has been used to describe Magill’s practice: landscapes not based on direct observation, but imbued with a sense of interiority and reflection.


  • Elizabeth Magill



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