Luke Silva


Luke Silva’s work takes the traditional medium of watercolour and launches it into the contemporary with techniques which are stylistically his own, creating a unique language of recognisable forms coupled with sweeping gestural mark-making. Silva predominantly creates a safe environment, formed out of fictional spaces which are used to push away the chaos of reality while ‘real-world’ objects act anchor-like, ensuring a return to reality is possible. This is directly linked to the artists personal trauma of a fire at his family home, his experience of mental illness within his family and the subsequent deterioration of his family unit. While the natural beauty of the fire is compelling, the destruction it ultimately caused is a reference Silva returns to; to marvel in the force of nature while also taking the opportunity to reflect on how a future might enfold following such an event. Silva is also known to incorporate video game references. Often focusing on the background landscapes or small details of the games, these loose renditions reflect on childhood and the distractions we often turn to in light of trauma; the vivid colours acting as the perfect distraction and escape from reality.


Based between London and Margate, Silva graduated in 2021 BA (Hons) Fine Art from Central St Martin’s, London.

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