Sasha Engelmann


SASHA ENGELMANN is a London-based geographer exploring interdisciplinary, feminist, and creative approaches to environmental knowledge making. Her current AHRC funded project – Advancing Feminist and Creative Methods for Sensing Air and Atmosphere – explores the value of feminist principles, creative practices and design justice tools for citizen-led monitoring of air quality and weather patterns in a time of climate crisis. Sasha’s research contributes to the growing discipline of the GeoHumanities, a field animated by practice-based collaborations between geographers and artists.


Together with researcher and designer Sophie Dyer, Sasha leads the feminist radio project open-weather. Open-weather is a collective experiment in imaging and imagining the Earth and its weather systems. Founded in April 2020, the project encompasses a series of how-to guides, critical frameworks and public workshops on the reception of satellite imagery using free or inexpensive amateur radio technologies. In the tradition of intersectional feminism, open-weather investigates the politics of location and interlocking oppressions that shape our capacities to observe, negotiate, and respond to the climate crisis. In doing so, open-weather challenges dominant representations of earth and environment while complicating ideas of the weather beyond the meteorological.


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