Sean Roy Parker


Sean Roy Parker is a writer, cook, gardener and visual artist based at Michael House co-living project in Shipley, Derbyshire (UK). He practises slow and low-tech crafts and landwork using leftover consumer debris and natural abundances in anticipation of the post-capitalist transition, and redistributes resources through flexible care structures like labour exchange, favours and artswaps. In his ongoing project Fermental Health he writes essays about and leads workshops on the lifecycle of materials, complexities of interspecies responsibility, and problem-solving through collaborative action.

Sean Roy has delivered public research projects on fermenting with microbes for Liverpool Biennial (UK), anarchist solidarity with peasant farmers at Pols (Spain), and recently returned from a two-month residency at NART (Estonia) where he was artist-gardener at Kreenholm Plants and taught himself basic carpentry.

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