Shamica Ruddock


SHAMICA RUDDOCK is an interdisciplinary research based artist working often between sound, text and moving image. Their current practice acknowledges the ways in which black diasporas are engaged and explored through sound, where sound becomes a form of narrativising often with its own unified system of signifiers. Other themes of interest include hauntology, Africa centred space-time cosmologies and black technopoetics. Recently awarded a Jerwood Arts Bursary Shamica has also begun researching Afro-Caribbean puppetry and oral folk storytelling traditions. They are a member of Black Obsidian Sound System, Narration Group and Synaptic Island; and have recently completed residencies with CRATE Margate in collaboration with Durham Gallery Ontario, and Languid Hands in collaboration with the Black Cultural Archives. Shamica was also selected for New Contemporaries 2020.

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