Deep Love Sales: Drop A Winner x Bubbles Of Time

6 July 2019


Artists Korallia Stergides & Raphael Schulenburg (in conversation with Dr Rachael Squire) have developed a site-specific installation and series of performances under the guise of their collaborative character ‘Deep Love’.


Entering into a cave system or a body of water reorients your relationship to the cartographic. The usual fixation on a determinable two-dimensional map is exchanged for a volumetric axis in which distinct entities such as temporality, relativity and materiality become entangled into a new thought space. Floating down into this space we meet Deep Love; “You are an ephemeral bubble of time just waiting to be popped”.


Interplay between spatial relativity and geological time underpins Deep Loves’ performative enquiry into environmental decision making and Planetarity; an evocation of the planet as that which exceeds human control.


Taking cues from texts and conversations with Geo-humanities Scholar, Dr Rachael Squire, the exhibition uses the proposed and imagined protective environments of sealed dome enclosures as a framework to metabolise and forecast tomorrow’s future. Using processes of storytelling, objects and monologue, Deep Love recollects, revisits and regurgitates apocryphal and on-going narratives that are unearthed in scientific predictions of our new epoch.


Through a series of reworked planetary scale arcade games, we are taken on a journey through the causalities and outcomes of gut instincts and ecological thinking, from making sense of a dream to the digestion of the Anthropocene.


“Life’s a gamble, get to know your future gut. Through the Well of today, into a Volcanic Cavity of yesterday we take an Icelandic bath into tomorrow”


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