Hannah Tilson & Tezz Kamoen: Tetrapak Printmaking

30 August 2020

A Tetra Pak printing plate produced by Duncan Poulton


Join Hannah Tilson & Tezz Kamoenon on 30th of August and 6th of September on instagram live for a drawing workshop and Tetra Pak printing workshop.
Available to view via instagram – links below 
Drawing Workshop
We will explore three ways to make a drawing – the squiggle game, continuous line drawing from film and drawing from memory/imagination. These drawings can be used for our Tetra Pak printmaking workshop next week. This workshop is suitable for both complete beginners and those with previous drawing experience. All you will need is a few sheets of paper and a pencil/ material of your choice!
Tetra Pak printmaking workshop
We will show you how to make drypoint prints at home with Tetra Pak (an orange juice/UHT/soy milk carton) and without a press. We will be using safe wash relief ink oil paint as our ink but you can also use oil pastels, oil paint or printing ink if you have it! For this workshop you will need x1 Tetra Pak carton, an etching needle/compass point (we will be using an etching needle but you can tape a needle to a pencil and this will work too), ink, paper to print on, newspaper to keep your table clean, a spoon, a rag that you don’t mind getting inky, a few cotton buds and a preparatory drawing/image to reference for your print. This workshop is suitable for both complete beginners and those with previous printmaking experience.


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