Multi Species Research Group: Plant Monsters I

20 March 2022


Multi Species Research Group will be holding two research sessions coincide with long time contributors Clementine Bedos , Holly Hunter and Verity Cowards’s exhibition at Well Projects, alongside collaborator Assiah Ghendir.


Plant Monsters 1


An informal discussion focused on human/ plant hybridity and shapeshifting in myth and culture. Using the Daphne myth as a starting point we will look at the ways in which humans and plants are all tangled up and what these stories can tell us about ecology, queerness and monstrosity.


Recommended reading/watching for the discussion (maximum length of text 3 pages):


  1. If you are not familiar with the myth of daphne then have a quick read up on the story here:
  2. Watch our 10min film ‘Metamorph’ Currently on show at well Projects, or online here: (password: MONSTER)
  3. Read pages 16-19 from Gay Plants zine ‘This is a horror story’ which can be viewed here:



Well Projects

217 Northdown Road,
United Kingdom,

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