SotD - Reflective Writing Workshop

20 July - 21 July 2024


After 2 years of learning, unlearning, talking, making, zooming, critting and connecting, the SOTD cohort of 2022-2024 is coming to a close. Over a weekend at Well Projects, we will mark our final meeting as a cohort. Using writing and pewter charms, the weekend will reflect on the sensory and bodily memories we developed whilst taking part in a self-lead art education programme. A series of collectively run playful writing workshops will ask: how have our senses been engaged? How have different environments we’ve inhabited been stored in our memory? And what have we learnt or unlearnt from working together?

The outcomes from the writing workshops will take the form of poetry, collective chants, diary entries, letters and nonsensical stories. The aftermath of the workshops will be left in place for a public opening on the Saturday evening.

In spring, the group are meeting to create Tools for SOTD out of pewter. These small shiny and magical charms will adorn the walls of the space, creating a tactile, touchable and collaborative installation. In the workshops we will explore how these tools can be used to make sounds, play games and share memories.


Well Projects

217 Northdown Road,
United Kingdom,

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