Like a Gassy Big Ball or Something Fluid

Open School East (2019), International Lawns, Bruce McLean, Rebecca Guez & Jack Lavender

29 July - 31 August 2019

(M), 2019 Rebecca Guez
Exhibition View
Untitled (wax knife), 2019 Laurene Gitton
Untitled (dogboy), 2019 Laurene Gitton
Untitled (wax knife II), 2019 Laurene Gitton
Thanatos, 2019 Holly Hunter
Untitled, 2019 Holly Hunter
Exhibition view


Loosely swirling around Thanets suburban geographies, LIKE A GASSY BIG BALL OR SOMETHING FLUID explores the performative methodologies of 4 artists / groups during a month long residency period.

Over the duration of the residencies each invited artist will develop live events, and build upon a cumulative installation that occupies the Well Projects garden, project space and basement.

LIKE A GASSY BIG BALL provides a platform for a nebulous mediation on local spaces and histories through experimental and free associative processes. Drawing on material ranging from 90s tape packs & the local rave scene, the subtle aesthetic connections between images and industries and a 14 foot expedition across a back garden, the proposed works will build an interconnected reflection of local environments, evergreen memories and social relations.


  • Well Projects

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