Seeking Channels

Holly White, Bones Tan Jones, Hannan Jones & Shamica Ruddock, Hannah Lees, Billy Crosby, Sian Newlove-Drew, Sean Roy Parker, Feral Practice, Jessica Tremaine


27/05/2022 - 18/12/2022


Conceived in response to a collective sense of freefall, Seeking Channels interrogates the systems that shape our ways of knowing and searches for tools that can help bring into focus a connection to our world. Against a backdrop of techno-solutionism and escape strategies, Seeking Channels looks for worms in the mud. Trapped in the slow death of global heating and beholden to a system that champions individualism, Seeking Channels asks their grandparents how to plant a garden. Bringing together 22 practitioners and organisations across exhibitions, live events and publications, a sense of tangibility and locality permeate a range of investigative sites. 

From the threshold of encounter with the non-human to the structures of feeling that exist in digital spaces, Seeking Channels hopes to find forms of knowledge production that feel grounded within connection to living things, places and histories. 

Seeking Channels is 5 visual exhibitions that include both online and offline content, a series of 13 live/online events and workshops and 3 publications with contributions from 25 artists and academics.


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    Seeking Channels



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